Data Reconciliation System (DRS)

CDR Reconciliation

Reconciliation is one of the most common IT processes of business organizations, supporting financial, operational, administration and security needs. The rapid growth of the offered services, the increasing volumes, and the complication of the upcoming requirements force the reconciliation’s transition from a set of disparate processes –usually implemented in different systems or manually executed – to a more industrialized solution.

The Data Reconciliation System (DRS) is a solution for pre-processing, analyzing, comparing and reconciling data from different sources. It provides a complete and clear picture regarding the correspondences of records between streams, where these correspondences are defined by the User in the form of sequential executed rules.

It uses an All2All approach –meaning from all sources/types of data to all sources/types of data– allowing the processing by applying various rules, from basic comparison to complex multi-rule dispute management.


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